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Apportioning Assets

One of the first matters to be addressed on the breakdown of a relationship is the suitable division of the family assets, including the matrimonial home, taking into account all the factors of your particular case.

The parties will also need to come to a fair agreement on financial issues, which will include agreement about how the 'matrimonial assets' are to be divided between them. Usually, with the help of their solicitors, the parties can manage to negotiate a settlement. In exceptional cases, the financial issues will have to be resolved by the Court.

Our Family Department solicitors, as members of Resolution, are committed to trying to achieve agreement through negotiation, rather than expensive Court Hearings which may only serve to make matters worse at a time when both parties may be feeling vulnerable.

  • Our charges

    Berry Redmond Gordon & Penney charge at an hourly rate, which is influenced by the following:

    • The particular expertise and experience of the person dealing with the case
    • The complexity of the transaction
    • Whether the matter requires unusually urgent and swift action
    • The time spent on the matter

    We always give an estimate of the likely costs at the beginning of the matter, with regular updates as the matter progresses, so that you can always be certain of the costs involved in your particular case at any given time.

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